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Vegas glam! VP leads beauty team for star-studded Fontainebleau opening.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas grand opening
Image Credit : Getty Images Fontainebleau Las Vegas grand opening

Hairvine's very own Vice President of Community and Industry Partnerships, Jordana David, brought her signature glam to the highly anticipated grand opening of the Fontainebleau Las Vegas hotel.

With an eye for detail, she assembled a hair and makeup team of approximately 40 hair and makeup artists, guaranteeing the talents' radiance both backstage and under the spotlight for the immersive pre-headliner performers.

Jordana gave us an inside look at her process for putting together a team for such a high-profile event:

"I speak with every artist before hiring them. It's important to establish trust and assess if they can deliver quality work efficiently under pressure," she said. "Besides evaluating their skills, I need to know they can take direction well, think quickly, and remain flexible in case of any last-minute requests from the client."

With no second chances during a live performance, she relies heavily on her team. "I need complete confidence in my stylists' ability to handle the responsibility," she added.

Tamar Slaughter, Jordana's key Hairstylist for the event, also weighed in. "We may not have met in person at first since I'm on the East Coast, but I knew that when Jordana called, it was time to execute at the highest level," Tamar said. As a long-time member of Jordana’s celebrity beauty collective, she outlined the keys to being a successful member of Jordana's dynamic team:

Come prepared with a full kit - As a hairstylist, it's essential to anticipate client needs and arrive ready for any celebrity look with a kit stocked with all the right tools, products, and supplies. This prevents delays and keeps you moving efficiently.

Research the client and aesthetic in advance - Understand the importance of doing homework on the client's existing and evolving style so you can instantly understand and deliver their desired celebrity look.

Follow directions from leadership - If working with other senior stylists or on a team, it's critical to listen and implement guidance from leadership to ensure cohesion in translating the aesthetic. Note that when senior stylists call the shots, it's time to deliver executive-level work.

Remain flexible - Requirements can change in the fast-paced setting of a glam team. Be adaptable and able to quickly adjust, whether that means troubleshooting a look or handling last-minute additions to the schedule.

Ask questions if unsure - Clarifying doubts upfront prevents mistakes and helps the teamwork as a well-oiled machine. Speak up, listen actively, and continually communicate with leadership.

Be a team player - It takes a village to pull off complex looks. Point to the importance of fully collaborating with other stylists and members of the team with a team-first mentality.

 Bring positive energy - long days on set or traveling for events can be demanding. Uplifting and motivating each other with great attitudes and cheerful dispositions keeps the vibe continually positive.

With her trusted team in tow, our VP helped deliver show-stopping looks to the Fontainebleau Hotel's grand reopening. At Hairvine, we take pride in our executive's continual success.

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