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Booking Platforms Are Failing Stylists and Clients - Embrace the Change with

Convenience drew countless stylists to online booking platforms, only to be met with numerous disappointments. Misleading listings conceal actual service prices until the last click or even unauthorized charges. Strict cancellation policies refuse exceptions for emergencies or illness and even randomly changing subscription models lead to unexpected fee hikes overnight.  

What about customer support? Beauty booking platforms offer little assistance in resolving payment issues, double bookings, poor reviews, or other disputes that inevitably arise. You call, there's no answer.

Failures to Serve the Textured Hair Community

Maybe most disappointingly, current players show zero understanding of the unique needs of the textured hair community - marginalizing important context around artistry and culture. All while continuing to introduce policies that primarily benefit their bottom line, not the stylists and clients who rely on these systems.  

The Need for Something Better

It's easy to feel defeated by deception and lack of care. But we cannot stand by while hard-working stylists get taken advantage of business-wise. While clients lose trust after too many unpleasant surprises or mediocre experiences. The textured hair community deserves better.  

Introducing Hairvine 

Hairvine, a next-generation online booking platform, is born out of shared experiences with the community. The founders and partners have had firsthand experiences - from unprofessional and untrained stylists that resulted in hair loss to stylists who have suffered from unfair pricing practices.  

Hairvine is designed for textured hair stylists and clients, run by people who understand the unique needs of our community.

The Hairvine Difference - Transparency, Fairness, and Connection

What does this mean? Transparency around pricing and policies before a single dollar is exchanged. Reasonable, documented exceptions for late cancellations due to emergencies. Ethics and care while handling payments, disputes, or changes that impact pricing.  

It means honoring artistry, celebrating diversity, and nurturing connections. Popular booking apps treat stylists like replaceable commodities. Hairvine recognizes that exceptional talent, skill-building, and creative vision are what sets beloved stylists apart.

For clients, it means finally finding stylists who listen to your hair goals, respect your time and budget, and deliver beautiful, long-lasting results - not just gambling on expensive disappointment because all you had to go on was a few pictures. 

Hairvine makes it easy to identify stylists who specialize in exactly what you need - from microlocs to twist-outs, wigs to crochet braids, and beyond.  

More Than Transactions, Building Community  

Most importantly, we want to facilitate meaningful relationships beyond just transactions - to build community, nurture talent, and restore trust after so many have been burned by unfair business practices from other booking platforms.

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