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How To Take Your Holiday Hair From Blah To Fabulous With Festive hairstyle Tips From Hairvine

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

The holidays are fast approaching, which means it's time to start planning your festive hairstyles! We know looking your absolute best is a top priority during this glitzy, glamorous season. That's why our celebrity hairstylist, Jordana David, has curated a list of dazzling holiday hair ideas that are sure to make you shine and steal the spotlight at any upscale soiree or family gathering.

From elegant updos to pretty ponytails, these jaw-dropping styles are sure to make you stand out this season! With these insider tips from a top industry expert, you can easily create fun, simple hair remixes that will elevate your holiday style and add a touch of magic.

Here are a few of Jordana's top recommendations:

The Basic Ponytail

The everyday ponytail is easy and simple, but these ideas will make them extra special!

  • Dress up your boring ponytail with a bow, rhinestones, or even glitter gel! You can add colorful accents like a satin scrunchie, or silver/gold hair ties.  

  • Elevate your look by wrapping a small strand of hair from beneath your ponytail around your hair tie.

  • Make your ponytail special by adding curls, braids or two-strand twists.

Industry Tip: For a sleek look, evenly apply product in sections before smoothing your hair into a ponytail. Instead of a regular hair tie, try a hair bungee or create your own, using a hair tie and two bobby pins. It’ll make creating the perfect ponytail simple.

Down and Out

Styling your hair down is almost always a good idea, whether it’s a blow-out, beach waves, curls or a wash and go. Here are a few ways to make this all-too common hairdo stand out in any crowd.

  • Add a side braid, headband, or braid the front into a headband. 

  • Add volume at the top while sleeking the sides with decorative hair pins. 

  • For straight hair, try curling the ends outward for a retro style.

  • Add clip-in extensions to make your look more dramatic and voluminous.

  • For kinky and coily hair, switch it up with a new curling technique, like a perm-rod set. Use a hair pick to make it big and fluffy.

Industry tip: Add volume and more texture to your hair with a dry texturizing spray. Flip your head over and spray the product at roots and throughout your hair while you tousle and separate the hair with your other hand. Flip your hair back and gently manipulate your hair, while maintaining all that gorgeous body!

The Boring Bun

Remix this classic, yet practical updo with these fun ideas. 

  • Create a textured bun, with curls, braids or two-strand twists.

  • Dress up your sleek bun with rhinestones.

  • Style your baby hairs or add faux bangs to frame your face. 

  • Add accessories like a statement hair pin, colorful hair pins designed in a unique pattern.

Industry tip: Eyelash or hair glue works wonders for applying rhinestones. Use a rhinestone applicator for seamless application.

Half Up Half Down

The half up style is the best of both worlds. The challenge is not letting this look seem like an afterthought, especially on such a special occasion.  

  • Add accessories like hair jewelry, a cuff at the ponytail base, or a bow.

  • Create a bun on top.

  • Incorporate braids or twists for texture.

  • Add volume to your updo.

  • Add extensions for a more dramatic and voluminous look.

  • Add braiding hair for extra length and volume.

Braids and Twists

Braids and twists are timeless and very popular this season. Here’s how you can make yours extra special. 

Pull out a few small pieces of hair for a wispy/ effortless look. 

  • Create a distressed braid by opening it up for a softer, organic look.

  • Add shimmering hair jewels and other accessories.

  • Play with different braid patterns. You can try a fishtail braid or alternate with braids and twists.

  • Add braiding hair for extra length and volume.

Have fun remixing your everyday hairstyles into glamorous holiday ‘dos. With a bit of creativity, you can transform simple styles into special statement looks. Don't be afraid to experiment and make it your own. Happy holiday hair styling!  

At Hairvine, we are committed to connecting clients with talented stylists who will make you look and feel your absolute best. We go above and beyond, taking the stress out of finding a stylist so you can focus on rocking your amazing new look with confidence.

As we prepare to launch, sign up on our website to receive exclusive updates and be among the first to experience the transformative power of the right hairstylist. 

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