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5 Last-Minute Halloween Looks for Curly Hair

Updated: Jun 27

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're a curly-haired individual in search of a last-minute costume that perfectly complements your natural locks, you're in the right place. Curly hair has a unique charm and versatility that can be harnessed to create stunning, quick, and memorable Halloween looks.

Get ready to transform your curly hair into the ultimate accessory for a remarkable Halloween celebration. Let's dive into some last-minute Halloween looks that will leave you feeling fabulous and utterly bewitching!

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Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Curly Hair
Sourced From: All Things Hair

Creating a Harley Quinn-inspired Halloween look for curly hair can be a real showstopper, and the best part is that it's an easy and quick transformation. With just a short trip to your nearest drug store or beauty supply shop, you can pick up temporary hair color products to achieve this iconic look. Here's how to bring this quirky character to life with your luscious curls:

  1. Preparation is Key: Start with clean and dry hair with minimal product for a vibrant and longer lasting color. Be sure to use a heat protectant spray for any heat styling.

  2. Temporary Hair Color: You’ll need hair color sprays, gels, or chalk in pink and blue. If you use a color wax or gel, there’s no need to apply styling products on that area beforehand.

  3. Section Your Curls: Divide your hair into two equal sections. If you want soft bangs in the front, be sure to section that part out of the way too. Use hair ties or clips to secure one section while you work on the other.

  4. Create the Pigtails: Use gel to smooth out the sides of each section and secure your pigtails. Make sure your pigtails are balanced and don’t feel bad if you have to do them over. If you have bangs or baby hairs, finish styling those sections with product before moving on to your hair color.

  5. Apply the color: Follow the directions of your temporary color product. If you’re using a gel you can let your hair air dry or use a diffuser. Keep in mind that temporary sprays and gels can get a bit messy. Use gloves for gels and wax, and protect your face and wardrobe from spray color with paper towels.

  6. Accessorize: To complete the look, consider adding some fun accessories. Harley Quinn often wears a jester hat, so you might opt for a jester headband or even face makeup to mimic her signature red and black mask.

  7. Makeup and Costume: Complement your curly hair with a Harley Quinn-inspired makeup look. Pink and blue eyeshadow, bold red lipstick, and black eyeliner are essential. A red and black outfit, perhaps a bomber jacket or a corset, will tie the look together.

Harley Quinn is known for her playful and confident attitude. So, be sure to embrace her spirit and have a blast portraying this iconic character.


Janet Jackson - Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice Costume
Sourced From: Instagram @wonderwombman

Janet Jackson's iconic look from the popular 90s film, "Poetic Justice" is an effortless choice for Halloween. If you're in a pinch and already have braids or locs, you can put this look together in no time. Here's how to channel your inner Justice for an unforgettable costume:

  1. Braids Are Key: If you already have box braids or locs, you're halfway there! Justice's signature box braids are her most defining feature. Make sure your braids are clean and well-maintained. Spray some braid conditioner and shine mist to refresh your look.

  2. Accessorize with a Black Hat: You’ll definitely need a black baseball cap or newsboy hat and hoop earrings for this 90s look.

  3. The Navy Shirt: Opt for a navy shirt that's similar in style to what Janet Jackson's character wore in "Poetic Justice." A simple navy tee or tank top will work perfectly. To add a bit of authenticity, you can even tie a flannel shirt around your waist, as Justice did in the movie.

  4. Denim Jeans: Justice's look is completed with a pair of denim jeans. Make sure they fit comfortably, as her style is all about looking cool and effortless.

Makeup: Keep your makeup natural, using neutral eyeshadows, mascara, and a subtle lip color.


Justice is a poet in the movie, so if you have a small notebook and pen to jot down your thoughts or some classic '90s props like a disposable camera, it can add a nice touch to your ensemble.

This costume is perfect for the laid-back Halloween enthusiast who wants a look that's both stylish and comfortable. Emulate Justice's laid-back, confident attitude. Walk with a sense of purpose, and you'll capture the essence of the character perfectly.


Fab Feline

Fab Feline
Sourced From:

Adding a feline touch to your fresh wash-and-go hairstyle for Halloween is a fantastic idea. You can create your own unique feline look with various cat-inspired hair accessories or by using your own hair. Here are a couple of fun and stylish options to consider:

Option 1: Cat Ears Hairband

  1. Wash-and-Go Curls: Begin with freshly washed and conditioned curls. A wash-and-go style works perfectly for this look, as it keeps your natural texture intact.

  2. Hair Preparation: After your wash-and-go routine, use a lightweight curl defining product to enhance your natural curls and reduce frizz.

  3. Accessorize: Use a cat ear headband or hairband with cat ears. These are widely available in various colors and styles, and they instantly add a playful feline touch to your look.

Place the cat ear headband on your head. You can position it towards the front, allowing your curls to frame your face. Adjust the headband to secure it in place.

Option 2: DIY Cat Ears with Your Hair

  1. Wash-and-Go Curls: Start with your freshly washed hair. Use a curl enhancing product to define your curls and reduce frizz.

  2. Hair Preparation: Use a curl enhancing product to define your curls and reduce frizz.

  3. Cat Ears Creation:

    1. Section the front of your hair from the back and part the front section down the middle.

    2. Create one pigtail on each front section with a hair tie.

    3. Wrap the hair around the center of each ponytail, so the base is wider than the tip, creating an ear shape. The pointier the top, the better. Pin your hair in place with bobby pins. (You can also braid or twist your hair before wrapping it.)

Accessorize: To make your cat ear hairstyle pop, you can use colored bobby pins or decorative hairpins to secure the cat ears in place. These can add an extra touch of style to your feline look.

Makeup: For the full cat-inspired look, consider cat-eye eyeliner, smokey eye makeup, and a bold lip color. You can also use makeup to draw a cute cat nose and whiskers.

Whether you choose a cat ear headband or create your own cat ears with your hair, the key to achieving a memorable feline look is in the details. Finish off your outfit with a cat-themed costume or a black ensemble to complete the cat-inspired Halloween transformation.


Jackie Brown

Pam Grier Afro
Sourced From:

Feeling Foxy? Use an afro pick to channel this iconic 70s look, inspired by Pam Grier’s character in Foxy Brown.

If you're feeling foxy and looking to channel the iconic 70s look inspired by Pam Grier’s Jackie Brown character, get ready to turn some heads! To achieve this bold and glamorous look, use an afro pick to create a voluminous and dramatic afro hairstyle. Here's how you can do it:

Creating the Foxy Cleopatra Afro Look

  1. Hair Prep

    1. You can start with clean and dry hair or hair that’s a few days old with minimal product.

    2. If you want BIGGER hair and your hair is thick enough, spray some heat protectant, then blow out your hair, stretching it out with your fingers or using the dryer’s comb attachment. You don’t want your hair so stretched that it falls; just stretched enough to create volume while still defying gravity.

    3. Use an Afro pick. Gently lift your hair from the roots with the afro pick.

    4. Shape and Style. Create a rounded silhouette and ensure that the afro is balanced and voluminous.

    5. Don’t forget to spray some shine spray all over. Add some glitter if you’re daring!


To complete the 70s-inspired look, consider adding a few accessories like oversized sunglasses and hoop earrings for that vintage touch.


Embrace a bold makeup style with dramatic eyeliner, bright and glittery eyes, and vibrant lipstick to capture the essence of the 70s.

70s-Inspired Outfit

Dress the part by wearing a 70s-inspired outfit. Think bell-bottom pants, a colorful and bold top, and platform shoes to complete the look.

With the right outfit, makeup, and attitude, you'll be ready to turn heads at any Halloween event. It's a look that exudes strength, style, and a whole lot of retro charm. Go on ahead and start a Soul Train line!


Penny: The Proud Family

Proud Family Costume, Penny
Source From Pinterest: Posted by @blackwomenincostume

Recreating Penny Proud's fun and bubbly look from "The Proud Family" is a fantastic choice for Halloween. You can achieve her signature style by braiding your pigtails, using curly, Marley, or straight braiding hair extensions. You can also do twists and bubble braids. Here's how to do it:

Materials Needed

  • Curly, Marley, or straight braiding hair extensions (choose a color that matches your hair or the desired look).

  • Hair ties or hair bands.

  • Bobby pins (optional).

  • Hair gel or hair spray (optional, for securing bubbles).

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Preparation. Start with clean, dry hair, and part it down the middle to create two even sections for your pigtails.

  2. Create Pigtails: Secure each pigtail with a hair tie, making sure they are balanced.

  3. Braids: Braid or twist your hair on each side. You can also create bubble braids by tying a hair elastic about 2 inches from the ponytail, then gently expanding the section in between with your fingers into a “bubble.” Tie another elastic about 2 inches from that and continue the pattern.

  4. Finishing Touches: Use hair gel or hair spray to smooth down any flyaways and ensure a polished appearance, just like Penny’s!

Outfit: The outfit is simple. Wear a white button down shirt, pink sweater, and a burgundy or dark-colored skirt.

Makeup: Penny Proud is youthful and vibrant. Keep your makeup natural, using neutral colors and soft pinks.

With your fun pigtails and the school-girl attire, you'll be ready to step into Penny Proud's shoes and have a blast celebrating Halloween with this iconic and playful hairstyle.


With these fantastic character costume ideas for curly hair, you're all set to make this Halloween truly unforgettable. Embrace the era of your favorite characters, from Harley Quinn to Foxy Brown, and let your natural curls take center stage.

Whether you're looking for quirky, 90s-inspired, or glamorous looks, these costume ideas are here to help you shine. So, with your outfit and hairstyle on point, it's time to hit the Halloween scene and create some magical memories.

Be fabulous, utterly bewitching, and have a spooky-good time! Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🕸️

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