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Get More Clients with! 10 Proven Marketing Tactics for Hairstylists

Updated: Jan 19

You’ve perfected everything from precision cutting to curl defining to creative coloring across hair textures. Now it’s time to perfect showing off those scissors skills.

Marketing your versatile talents takes some skill too whether you’re an independent stylist or a full-scale salon. Implementing just a few of these 10 tips and marketing tactics can attract attention and bring in new clients who want your hair transforming skills.

1. Hype Your Website/Social Media


Displaying your range as a stylist is critical for marketing yourself successfully. Update your online presence with photos that highlight cuts and styles on a diverse range of hair textures.

You can demonstrate precision cutting with sleek bobs on pin-straight hair. Show your creative coloring skills with vivid hues on coiled locs. Display your mastery of clipper work with tapered fades on tight curls. Showcase your ability to create volume with beach waves on loose spirals. And there's more.

Showing the diversity of looks you can achieve builds your credibility with potential clients. Having experience and being skilled at working with all hair types and styles makes you a versatile stylist. This attracts a broader client base who will trust your knowledge and technical expertise. They will believe that you can make them look great, no matter their hair type, style preferences, or needs.

A diverse portfolio is a powerful marketing component for showcasing your range and attracting clients.

2. Hashtag Game Strong


Show off your talents on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Use specific hashtags like #CurlyHairStyles, #BraidInspo, and #BlondeBalayage to attract potential clients who want those looks. Post tutorials to teach your techniques. Share before-and-after photos of clients to show the variety of your skills. Create videos of popular hair trends to prove that you are up-to-date and fashionable. And don't forget to share even more!

Posting this content engages followers as you provide education, inspiration, and entertainment value to consumers through free online content. This positions you as an authority they can trust for service.

You must regularly interact with your audience. This includes responding promptly to their comments and thanking them for their feedback.

Address direct messages as well, providing consultations and pricing if asked. When you handle it well, this level of engagement helps to build a strong connection.

This connection is important for turning followers into clients who book your services.For the love of everything, no arguing in responses. Unprofessional public interactions reflect poorly on your business.

The goal of social platforms is ultimately to showcase talent in a way that makes clients comfortable booking services. Stylists can promote themselves online. They can use hashtags, share content that shows off their skills, and interact positively with their audience.

Clients can recognize their expertise in cutting, coloring, and styling. They can also feel confident in their ability to deliver results.. Clients can view their profile and see their skills

. A robust digital presence helps convert followers to patrons.

3. Texture Spotlights


On social media or your website, feature care tips and styles for specific hair types each week. For example, #WavyWednesdays could share styling ideas for achieving defined waves while #CoilCareFridays could highlight moisturizing routines.

4. Local Pop-Ups

Go to markets, fairs, cultural events, colleges, and concerts in your community. We offer free quick touch-ups. Offer free consults. Additionally, we have trendy accessories like hair jewels and colorful hair tape.


5. Give Some Love to Reviews

Encourage happy clients to leave online reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp highlighting your custom cuts. Respond promptly and politely to any less-than-stellar feedback too.


6. In-Salon Special Events

Host workshops or tutorials like “Curl Clinics,” “Protective Styling 101,” “Volume building for Thin Hair,” or “Maintenance for Textured Manes.” Position yourself as an educator on proper techniques that build authority and community connections.


7. Creative Contests

Organize a competition for the most creative ponytail, vibrant balayage, fanciful fro, or other fun categories. Offer discounts for entries then display submissions in-salon and on social media to show off creativity and draw interest.

8. Blogger Collaborations

Write guest blog posts for hair-focused blogs that are related to your specialties. This can include curl care, color trends, straight styles, DIY touch-ups, or accessory reviews. Ensure articles share unique tips and include links back to your website/social media.


9. Salon Loyalty Perks

Encourage local customers to come back to your salon for regular trims, colors, and styling by offering loyalty rewards. They can earn free treatments after booking a certain number of times in a year.


10. Explore the Hairvine Marketplace

Hairvine is committed to supporting diverse hair pros to thrive.

Staying on top of evolving industry skills and styles is crucial. If you work hard and are creative in your marketing, it will help your talent get the attention it deserves. As a result, you can expect to have a full list of clients that reflects a wide variety of hairstyles.


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