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Coils, Curls, and Kinks: New Jersey Embraces Textured Hair Training

Updated: Jun 27

Calling all coils, curls, and kinks - New Jersey is celebrating curlies! New Jersey is the latest state to make significant moves to embrace textured hair by requiring all cosmetology schools to provide equal training in cutting, styling, and caring for curls, coils, and kinks.

With this progressive new policy, New Jersey joins a growing tide of states taking action to celebrate hair diversity.

New jersey textured hair in schools curls coils and kinks

For far too long, curly girls have been overlooked and under-served. While an estimated 65% of the US population has textured hair like curls, coils, and waves (Source:, cosmetology programs primarily focus on styling straight or wavy locks. This has left a shocking number of stylists wanting more education in natural hair care. The lack of training for textured hair has forced many women with curly and coily hair types to either learn to style their own hair at home or rely on inconsistent results at salons.

Thankfully, textured hair heroes have been advocating for better representation state-by-state. Major kudos to Louisiana for trailblazing new curriculum requirements back in 2021 to integrate hands-on textured hair training into all cosmetology schools. Louisiana's policy sets an example by requiring schools to use mannequins with a range of hair textures and teach all students techniques like braiding, twisting, and curl definition regardless of hair type.

Other states are also passing laws to protect natural hair from discrimination. To date, 18 states have officially passed the CROWN ACT (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) to prohibit hair discrimination based on styles like braids, locs, and twists in workplaces and schools. These laws have opened the door for broader acceptance of natural Black hairstyles.

New Jersey's policy helps ensure the next generation of stylists will have the skills to properly cut, style, and care for all hair types. With comprehensive training and equal representation, stylists everywhere will soon have the expertise to unleash the beauty of diverse hair.

At Hairvine, we applaud these revolutionary steps towards inclusion. Our mission is to connect people with stylists passionate about celebrating all hair in its natural glory.

We invite you to join our texture-positive community.



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