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In a world hungry for change, we are the catalyst that empowers, elevates, and connects

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Hair is a powerful
form of self-expression


At Hairvine, we're here to make that belief a reality by connecting you with skilled stylists who understand the power of your hair as a form of self-expression

Model- with- Green- Hair

Stylists are artists whose
work should be valued

Stylists deserve the opportunity to build their businesses and futures on our platform, starting with increasing their clientele

It's more than an appointment

It's your therapeutic session, your escape from life's craziness, it's where your hair becomes the canvas for self-care

Hair Salon
Female Friends

Hairvine is a community

Meet stylists that get you, and clients that appreciate you. Learn together, grow together and share with the community


Empowering Connection.  Embracing Diversity.  Embodying Transparency.  Elevating Trust.

curly hair black woman with twist out hair wearing head scarf
blonde woman standing against a tree holding hand over head
Hairvine is founded by both, latin and black, women.
Help us fund the next generation of entrepreneurs in tech!

Project Black Girl Scholarship Fund

🌟 Join us in empowering Black women in tech with the Project Black Girl Scholarship Fund! Help us raise $10,000 to support women of color pursuing careers in the tech industry. Learn more and make a difference today! #EmpowerBlackWomen #DiversityInTech 🌟

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