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Understanding the Health Risks of Chemical Hair Relaxers

Updated: Apr 2

health risk of chemical hair relaxers

TThe versatility of black hair is endless, and everyone's hair journey is personal. Still, we should carefully consider the lengths we are willing to go to achieve certain looks and the potential risks involved.

According to, Many cancer patients are taking legal action against beauty companies. They say using chemical hair relaxers for a long time raises their chances of getting uterine, endometrial, and ovarian cancers.

Many black women and girls still use dangerous hair products, even though companies market the products to them. They either use them regularly or go back to them after trying natural styles. The reasons are complex, personal, and cultural, but the health risks are real.

Using products with harsh chemicals can cause scalp burns, hair loss, and permanent damage. This can happen if the products are used frequently and for a long time. Additionally, some studies have linked the chemicals to reproductive cancers, likely due to extended skin contact and absorption over time.

However, many of us who enjoy straight styles are choosing safer alternatives, like silk presses or wigs. Choosing healthier hair options can lead to thicker, shinier, and undamaged hair. This is better than the dry, limp hair that some people get after using relaxers. As Black History Month draws to a close, let's commit to celebrating the diverse beauty of black hair and embracing all safe styling methods.

For those considering chemical relaxers, weigh the risks carefully and minimize exposure when possible. Be aware of any scalp burning or irritation as your body's warning signs. Know the early symptoms of reproductive cancers, like abnormal bleeding, so you can detect potential issues early.

Consider gentler straightening options done by trusted stylists, using quality hair extensions or wigs for temporary straight looks. Ultimately, educate yourself on the dangers and make the personal choice that’s right for you.

There are also proactive steps we can take as a community. We can support companies in developing safer relaxers and natural hair products. We can spread awareness of the risks, especially to younger generations.

And most importantly, we can help shift beauty standards that equate straight hair with professionalism or respectability. Appreciating the diversity of hair textures and styles will empower black women and girls to make healthy, confident choices that reflect their natural beauty.

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Let's keep celebrating the vibrant beauty of black hair in all its glorious forms.

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