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Unapologetic Curls: How Icons Advanced the Texture Expression Movement

Updated: Jun 27


The 1960s were fabulously freeing for texture! Trailblazing legends like Pam Grier, Cicely Tyson and Diana Ross turned heads when they proudly stepped out sporting their glorious, halo-framed afros. As those bold black beauties let their natural curls and coils take center stage, they sparked a full-on hair liberation! Rolling through the magazines of the era, you couldn't flip a page without seeing fierce, frizzy fro magic on full, fabulous display. Textured hair was rewriting rigid rules, blossoming bigger, prouder and oh-so-beautifully on red carpets and movie screens. With each big curly mane sighting, stale cookie-cutter ideals got shook. And women worldwide got the message loud and clear - their natural vibrancy was breathtaking.

Nia long braids wearing a red top

The 90's fun kept those textured hair flames blazing! Stars like Nia Long and Janet Jackson debuted dazzling goddess braids, cornrow styles and other protective looks on the big stage. By fiercely flaunting flowing box braids and locs to layered cuts with defined curls, trendsetters of the day made space for versatility. They paved the way for the Zendayas and Janelle Monaes of today - ensuring that no matter how you choose to wear your mane, texture deserves the spotlight.

The Mane Event Struggles Backstage

Even as afros took center stage in culture, behind the scenes in Hollywood, black actresses still felt pressure to conform. For decades, strict norms dominated Tinseltown demanding pin-straight hair. But inch by inch, wave by wave, diversity began emerging on the red carpet. Finally, stars started feeling freer to let their natural coils and kinks loose. Now the philosophy seems to be: let those spirals shine! We've come a long way from girls feeling they must hide their textured manes to fit in. These days, more people are embracing that natural hair means feeling proud, not afraid - on camera and off!


Textured Tresses Make a Red Carpet Splash

But over a decade ago, the tide started to turn. Groundbreaking actresses like Viola Davis, Solange Knowles, and Yara Shahidi arrived on the red carpet flaunting fabulous natural textured hairstyles. At the 2014 Oscars, Lupita Nyong'o captivated the world in her powder blue Prada gown, her cropped afro framing her face beautifully. Since then, stars like Danai Gurira, Issa Rae, Logan Browning and more have shown off hip variations of afros and curly styles. Gabrielle Union, Tracee Ellis Ross and Taraji P. Henson also regularly stun with their natural ringlets, coils and shrinkage, pairing them with glamorous designer looks.

By boldly wearing these traditionally cultural hairstyles where conformity once ruled the day, these fashion trailblazers make a powerful statement. Their choice conveys that natural manes deserve a spot on the world's biggest stages. The looks pay homage to both heritage and individuality. And they actively chip away at stale assumptions, proving that versatile, vibrant texture is always in style!


A 'Fro's Fashion Legacy Lives On

The glorious afro boasts an enduring and evolving legacy in style. In 2022, young actor Marsai Martin brought playful baby afro pigtails to the Oscars, paying homage while putting a current twist on the iconic halo 'do. Stars like Yvonne Orji and Quinta Brunson have also recently stunned on red carpets, looking glam with shoulder-grazing afros. As more Hollywood trendsetters embrace and normalize the beauty and versatility of textured hair, they inspire coming generations.

Inspiring Confidence in Natural Beauty

By pushing style boundaries with pride and panache, these forward-thinking femmes continue an ongoing journey toward acceptance. Little girls seeing these images grow up in a world where space buns, braids and big curly manes can be red carpet-fabulous too - where texture expression means self-love triumphs over pressure to conform.

At Hairvine, every mane matters! We're a texture-loving community for all those fabulous curls, coils, waves, fros and more. Started by friends who know the journey to hair joy, we're your guides to unleash natural glam!

For us, it's way bigger than strands. It's confidence, self-love and the freedom to be your boldest you.

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