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How to Achieve Zoe Kravitz's Iconic Boho Box Braids: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you inspired by Zoe Kravitz's effortlessly chic boho box braids? This trending protective style has captivated the natural hair community for its stylish and low-maintenance appeal. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of achieving these iconic braids at home and provide tips for maintaining their stunning appearance.

Gather Your Essentials

To get started, you'll need the following items:

  • Human hair extensions in a loose wave texture

  • Braiding hair in your desired color

  • A rat tail comb for precise parting

  • Edge control gel to lay down baby hairs

  • A silk or satin scarf to protect your braids while you sleep

Using human hair extensions is crucial for this look, as they provide a more natural appearance and are less prone to tangling than synthetic alternatives.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Prepare Your Natural Hair

Ensure your natural hair is freshly washed and stretched. This will make the braiding process easier and help your style last longer.

2. Part and Section

Use the rat tail comb to create clean, even parts for each braid section. Take a small section of hair and divide it into three equal parts.

3. Begin Braiding

Start a traditional box braid, gradually feeding in the braiding hair as you work your way down the length of your natural hair. This technique ensures a seamless blend between your hair and the extensions.

4. Secure the Braids

When you reach the end of your natural hair, continue braiding about halfway down the extension hair before securing the braid with a small, clear elastic band. Repeat this process until you've completed all your desired braids.

5. Create the Boho Look

Carefully cut and remove the elastic bands from each braid. Gently unravel the ends of each braid to achieve the perfectly imperfect, undone appearance that defines Zoe Kravitz's style.

6. Style Your Baby Hairs

Use a small amount of edge control gel to style your baby hairs and create a polished hairline. Embrace the carefree, effortless nature of the unraveled ends.

Maintaining Your Boho Box Braids

Night Care

Wrap your braids in a silk or satin scarf before bed to prevent frizz and keep them neat while you sleep.

Scalp Care

Gently cleanse your scalp weekly with a nourishing oil or dry shampoo to keep your hair and scalp healthy. With proper care, your braids can last up to eight weeks.

Professional Help

If you don't feel confident in your braiding skills or prefer to leave it to the professionals, search for "Zoe Kravitz braid stylist near me" to find an experienced braider in your area. A skilled stylist will ensure your braids are installed correctly, helping them last longer and maintain their stunning appearance.

Whether you choose to create your boho box braids at home or visit a professional, this trendy hairstyle is sure to turn heads and elevate your overall look. Embrace the carefree, bohemian vibe and channel your inner Zoe Kravitz with this iconic protective style.

zoe kravitz boho braids
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