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Tress Distress: A Salon Shock Story

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Miami, Florida


Hair Dying

The Story

So, there I am, getting the whole shampoo, color, foil treatment. Everything seems great until I'm under that infernal hair dryer. Cue the discomfort. I'm like, "Hey, this hurts," but the stylist acts like I'm speaking an alien language. He takes a look and says there is nothing there.

Fast forward, and the pain level is off the charts. Turns out, the foils meant to elevate my hair game were playing a dangerous game near my scalp. Next thing I know, at a party, a friend taps my hand, and it feels like I've been stabbed. Blood. Dried blood, to be exact. Those foils gave me an accidental burn, and I was blissfully unaware until the blood revelation.

Mad and hurting, I told my Mom. Mom? Oh, she went full-on superhero mode, calling the salon to unleash a storm of disappointment.

Lessons Learned

I suppose the only lesson I trul learned was to READ REVIEWS! Accidents happen but, man did I pay for this one.

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