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Finding the RIGHT Stylist

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Nantucket, Massachusetts


MY Stylist, Braiding

The Story

I moved to tiny Nantucket approximately three years ago. When I came here, I had my hair done in braids, so I was fine for a little while. However, when it came time to take down my braids, I started thinking about how I would get it done because I knew nothing about styling my hair. I searched and asked around about someone who does braids, and I could not find anyone. After weeks of wearing my hair in a ponytail, I found someone who could do my hair. She did not have a salon. She had recently started doing hair in her living room as a side hustle, and she got clients from word of mouth. I was so overjoyed to find her, and she still does my hair today.

Lessons Learned

Sometimes you find the right stylist in the most unlikely of places.

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